Tryon Goals for Fall 2020

With Coronavirus looming, we are very sad that we could not attend our normal show schedule of events this year in 2020. Almost 90 percent of our venues cancelled hunter/jumper schooling and “A” shows near us. They are now starting to re-open but fall is still unsure in our area.

We will be venturing to Tryon and are looking forward to making it a vacation, like always. The hiking and trails are beautiful, the horse show facilities are top-notch, and the food and restaurants are refreshing. So far, they have been able to hold up their fall schedule and are guaranteeing a return in fall 2020 and winter. They have been open for many of June and July. Social distancing is important, but there is always a way to do what you love safely.

There will be some must-haves that I’m taking with me to Tryon this year. First and fore-most my new Roeckl Madrid Gloves in Black and Navy. They’re so fresh with the dark colors and with a  extra little bling.

Next in my travel bag is my favorite helmet, Trauma Void.

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