Gel Bands—They’ll Save Your Life

I was recently telling my trainer at a clinic about a Equifit Gel Bands.

At a great price and discreet enough to wear while know one knows, these little gel infused bands will save your life, or at least your ankles.

Looking for a quick fix for your tall boots? Hate how they fit and hurt your ankles?

I have also asked these questions about my tall boots, then ended up buying new pairs and spending extra money for no real reason other than for pure comfort or saving my ankles.

The price is great at $29.99, try before you throw your problem riding boots away.

Tall boots for English horseback riding nowadays have these really slim ankles, and tight to your leg fit. The tapered ankle style became a thing when manufacturers figured out how to install zippers into tall boots.

Enjoy these gel bands that will protect your ankles from rubs and wear. The short size is perfect for that. It comes in tan or black.

The tall size is excellent for calf and inside of knee rubs. The inside is lined with gel, from the inside of D-Teq and other Equifit products. So they stay put on your leg.

Put on under your socks and tall boots for a comfort fit!

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